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by   -   May 19, 2014


Foreign Policy Magazine's recent examination of “The Looming Robotics Gap” by University of Pennsylvania International Relations Associate Professor Michael C Horowitz, and recent Pentagon insider on national security issues, is an up-to-date review of the world-wide state of military robotics.

by ,   -   February 19, 2014


PackBots will be deployed in Brazil during the 2014 World Cup Soccer season to bring a high-tech approach to security. The nation’s government has secured a $7.2 million deal with PackBot’s creators for 30 of the military bots. The robots will be stationed throughout Brazil’s 12 host cities, during the soccer matches to boost security and help examine any suspicious objects.

by   -   June 14, 2013


New $3,800 report by Wintergreen Research says that first responder and military ground robot marketplace will expand at close to 20% annually for the rest of the decade.

by   -   May 15, 2013

The Northrop Grumman X-47B unmanned aircraft made its first aircraft carrier launch this week. Landings come later.
The US Navy’s Naval Research Lab (NRL) flew a UAV for 48 hours, breaking a fuel-cell-for-flight record. The UAV was powered by a liquid hydrogen fuel in a cryogenic fuel storage tank and delivery system.

by   -   March 18, 2013

Robohub is running a week-long series of focused stories about robotics for defense, security and surveillance purposes. In an attempt to add to the conversation, here is a list of some of the companies that produce these types of robotic devices. This list is comprised of publicly-traded stocks in various stock exchanges in America, Canada and Europe. There are many more privately-held companies not included in this posting because of time constraints.

by   -   March 17, 2013

As a robotic warfare veteran, there are three common misperceptions about the use of robots in warfare that I’d like to address.

Misperception #1: There is some sort of ethical quandary or challenge in using robotic weapons.

There is no controversy about the legality or ethics of current and contemplated robotic weapons. The controversy is manufactured.  

by   -   March 15, 2013

ftx_-rq-9-reaper-gps-robohub-orgThis is a brief presentation of some of the most widely used robots (or remotely controlled, semi-autonomous systems) from militaries around the world. There are numerous other projects that are currently under development and others that are either abandoned or replaced but here only systems that are currently under use are mentioned. If you have any objections or suggestions you are welcome to make a comment.

by   -   February 21, 2013


The Oshkosh TerraMax UGV (right) is capable of tele-operations, being a leader or follower, and fully autonomous operation. The Marine Corps are evaluating it as part of their Cargo UGV initiative.

by   -   August 14, 2012

AUVSI, the unmanned vehicle association, has mostly focused on aerial vehicles for the military; underwater and on-the-ground products and services played a lessor role.
But this year the show reflected a change toward transitioning into the civilian sector led by underwater and on-the-ground providers because aerial drones cannot, at present be legally used in civilian airspace.
Hence interest was high for the keynote speeches by the heads of the FAA and the agency at the International Civil Aviation Organization involved with changing the rules, regulations, licensing and facilities to enable the Congressionally-mandated change by September, 2015.
Read the details including a long list of transitioning companies and their products.