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In this lecture, Giorgio Metta describes the history and philosophy behind the iCub project, and presents some recent results.

by   -   April 27, 2016

CampFromAboveYou are faced with a few thousand hectares of rainforest that you know harbours one or more orangutans that you need to track down. Where, how, and why do you start looking?

by   -   April 11, 2016

We-Robot-2016-web-BannerThe fifth annual We Robot conference at University of Miami School of Law celebrated its most international and interdisciplinary group of participants yet, with people across the globe attending from the US, Canada, Australia, Jamaica, Japan, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Spain, and Switzerland.

We Robot 2016 examines how the increasing sophistication of robots and their widespread deployment everywhere from the home, to hospitals, to public spaces, and even to the battlefield disrupts existing legal regimes or requires rethinking of various policy issues.

The 2-day event hosted workshops and sessions to share ideas, explore new concepts, and engage in lively discussion about the future of law and robotics. 

by   -   January 28, 2016

Pulitzer-Prize-winning John Markoff has been covering the technology beat at the New York Times for almost three decades, and recently published Machines of Loving Grace – a book that chronicles the evolution of robotics and AI. In this interview we turn the lens around and ask Markoff about what motivates his interest to report on robotics, and how he sees trends in robotics today being informed by people and events from the past.

by   -   January 12, 2016

In the spirit of the New Year, and especially in the wake of California's draft rules for the (theoretical) operation of automated motor vehicles, I offer two resolutions for any serious developer of an automated driving (or flying) system.

interview by   -   December 11, 2015

In this episode, Andrew Vaziri interviews Magnus Egerstedt, Professor at Georiga Tech, about his research in swarm robotics and multi-agent systems. They discuss privacy and security concerns, as well as research into interfaces designed to enable a single operator to control large swarms of robots.

by   -   December 10, 2015


Need some gift ideas for that special robot geek in your life?  We polled the Robohub team for their favorite ideas, from stocking stuffers to once-in-a-lifetime gifts. There’s something on this list for every budget! Don’t see what you’re looking for? See our gift list from last year, browse from our recommendations of 20 great books to hook kids and teens on robotics, or check out Ugly robot christmas sweaters and other bling for your robot wardrobe – Happy shopping!

by ,   -   November 6, 2015

Almost human robots; N. American robotics market sets new record; Chinese robot sets walking record; will superhuman robots be our friends and more.

by ,   -   October 30, 2015

Robots teach each other new tricks; versatile construction bots; Leeds to employ robot utility inspectors and workers; Hollywood drone mishap; Robopocalypse Now! and more.

by   -   September 1, 2015

Launched in 2009 by a group of Waterloo engineering students, Clearpath's unmistakeable bright yellow and black robots have become synonymous with unmanned vehicle research in university research labs around the world. Now, as the field of robotics matures, Clearpath is forging into industrial applications, too. We caught up with Clearpath's CTO Ryan Gariepy at the 2015 Field and Service Robotics conference (FSR), to talk about their roots in research, the role of ROS and open source in their business model, and the challenges and opportunities of launching a robotics startup in Canada.

Once upon a time validation of robotic research was relatively straightforward, but the field has changed: machines are now much more complex and the robots have left their confined industrial cells for unstructured environments. Thus the grand challenge for the robotics community is to discuss, from its foundations up, the way its research is conducted.

by   -   June 19, 2015


Yesterday SoftBank, FoxConn and Alibaba cemented a strong robotics initiative. Having acquired a majority stake in Aldebaran in 2012 (just after the Amazon acquisition of Kiva), SoftBank’s interest in robots has been cause for confusion. Do they want an ‘emotional’ humanoid robot or is their interest in Aldebaran a pathway towards a more practical robot?

by ,   -   May 5, 2015

The mechanical arm

What should a robot nurse do when a cancer patient begs for more morphine but the supervising doctor is not available to approve the request? Should a self-driving car prevent its owner from taking over manual driving when she is drunk but urgently needs to get her child to the hospital? Which faintly crying voice from the earthquake rubble should a rescue robot follow – the child’s or the older adult’s?

by ,   -   April 22, 2015
The Baxter robot hands off a cable to a human collaborator -- an example of a co-robot in action. Photo credit: Aaron Bestick, UC Berkeley.
The Baxter robot hands off a cable to a human collaborator – an example of a co-robot in action. Photo credit: Aaron Bestick, UC Berkeley.

Since 2001, the University of California’s Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) has leveraged multi-disciplinary research to tackle large societal problems like IT for healthcare, and intelligent infrastructure for public safety, water management and environmental sustainability. Now CITRIS is launching a new initiative that will focus on robotics research that benefits humans and involves humans in the loop.