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  date title interviewee affiliation interviewer mp3
13/5/17 IASP 2016 (Part 2 of 3): Trik Embedded Platform Roman Luchin Skolkovo
CyberTech Labs
and link
30/4/17 Geometric Methods in Computer Vision Kostas Daniilidis GRASP Laboratory link
17/4/17 Kickstart Accelerator Roland Siegwart
Matthias Hüni
Kickstart Accelerator link
2/4/17 CUBE Tech Fair Torsten Oelke CUBE link
18/3/17 bots_alive Bradley Knox bots_alive link
5/3/17 IASP 2016 (Part 1 of 3) Albert Efimov
Anastasia Uryasheva
Borris Rozman
and link
19/2/17 RoboUniverse Conference – Drones, AI, and 3D printing (Part 2 of 2) Dr. Douglas Stow
Dr. Eugene Izhikevich
Cullen Hilkene
San Diego State University
Brain Corp
4/2/17 RoboUniverse Conference – Agricultural Robotics (Part 1 of 2) Dan Harburg
Matthew Borzage
Soft Robotics Inc.
SynTouch Inc.
21/1/17 Toru robots Dr. Moritz Tenorth
7/1/17 A Wearable Robotic Extra-Finger for Grasp Compensation Domenico Prattichizzo University of Siena link
23/12/16 Speech-controlled Wheelchair Vladimir Stanovov Siberian State Aerospace University link
11/12/16 Actuation for Robotic Fingers Edward Neff SMAC Direct Drive Servo Motor Robotic Finger link
26/11/16 100/100 Computer Vision Challenge Dieter Fox University of Washington link
12/11/16 Ori Systems: Robotic Furniture Hasier Larrea Ori Systems
MIT Media Lab
31/10/16 Teach Xemo to Move Jeff Sprenger Xemory Software link
16/10/16 ICRA 2016: Landmine Detection Challenge Edson Prestes Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul link
3/10/16 RSS 2016 Posters Gangyuan Jing
Rico Jonschkowski
Matthew Gombolay
Dorsa Sadigh
Cornell University
Technical University of Berlin
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of California, Berkeley
17/9/16 LunaRoo Jürgen Leitner Queensland University of Technology link
2/9/16 ExoAtlet: Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation Ekaterina Bereziy ExoAtlet
20/8/16 Human 2.0: Exoskeletons and Orthoses Hugh Herr Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Biomechatronics Group
6/8/16 Project Ngulia: from Phone to Drone Fredrik Gustafsson Linköping University link
23/7/16 Physics-based Optimization for Robot Control Emo Todorov University of Washington link
9/7/16 Self-driving Cars: From Research to Road Karl Iagnemma nuTonomy link
25/6/16 ICRA 2016 Exhibition (Part 2 of 2) Greg Burman
Dave Rollinson
Tony Prescott
Xavier Carpentier
ICRA link
12/6/16 ICRA 2016 Exhibition (Part 1 of 2) Scania, PAL Robotics, Husqvarna and AnyBody Technology ICRA 2016 link
29/5/16 INNOROBO 2015 Showcase RB 3D, BALYO, Kawada Robotics, Partnering Robotics, and IRT Jules Verne link
21/5/16 Ladybird James Underwood University of Sydney link
1/5/16 Evolutionary approaches for flying robots Guido De Croon TU Delft link
17/4/16 Mecha Monsters Silas Adekunle Reach Robotics link
2/4/16 Hadrian Bricklaying Robot Mark Pivac FastBrick link
19/3/16 Satellite Assembly in Space John Lymer SSL link
14/3/16 Agilic and PiBot Harry Gee Agilic link
20/2/16 Automation and Employment Michael Osborne University of Oxford link
6/2/16 The Airbus Shopfloor Challenge Curtis Carson Airbus link
22/1/16 200th Episode Special Rodney Brooks link
9/1/16 Microrobots for harvesting crystals Simone Schürle Magnebotix link
27/12/15 Construction drilling Konrad Fagertun nLink link
11/12/15 Multi-agent systems and human-swarm interaction Magnus Egerstedt Georgia Institute of Technology link
30/11/15 Marine robotics systems Stefan Williams University of Sydney’s Australian Centre for Field Robotics, Marine Systems Group link
14/11/15 ICRA 2015 Company Showcase Jens Hurley
Michael Ferguson
Simon DiMaio
François Boucher
Andrew Lewis
American Robot Company
Fetch Robotics
Intuitive Surgical
Applied Dexterity
31/10/15 Embodied quadrotors Davide Scaramuzza Robotics and Perception Group link
16/10/15 The Open Academic Robot Kit Raymond Sheh Open Academic Robot Kit link
2/10/15 Micro and nano robotics Brad Nelson ETH Zurich link
18/9/15 TechBridgeWorld M. Bernardine Dias TechBridgeWorld link
4/9/15 Fotokite Phi Sergei Lupashin Perspective Robotics link
21/8/15 Robots and Communication Eleanor Sandry Curtin University link
7/8/15 Mobile Microrobotics Challenge Leanne King
Ioan Alexandru
University of Hawaii, Manoa
West University of Timișoara
24/7/15 Cheetah 2 Sangbae Kim Massachusetts Institute of Technology link
10/7/15 Towards Automating Fieldwork Hans-Peter Grothaus CLAAS link
26/6/15 Rehabilitation and Environmental monitoring Lei Cui Curtin University link
12/6/15 CyPhy LVL 1 Drone Helen Griener CyPhy Works link
29/5/15 RoboBusiness Exhibition RoboBusiness 2014 RoboBusiness 2014 link
15/5/15 Supernumerary limbs Federico Parietti Massachusetts Institute of Technology link
1/5/15 bStem Todd Hylton Brain Corporation link
17/4/15 Soft Robotics Toolkit Donal Holland Harvard Biodesign Lab link
3/4/15 European Robotics European Robotics Forum
Cécile Huet
Uwe Haass
20/3/15 Speech-Based Emotion Recognition Christina Brester Siberian State Aerospace University link
6/3/15 Artificial neural networks and intelligent information processing Kurosh Madani link
20/2/15 Sensors for autonomous driving Christoph Stiller Karlsruhe Institute of Technology link
6/2/15 Mobile robots and virtual worlds Riccardo Cassinis University of Brescia link
23/1/15 Looney the Robot Hunter Lloyd Montana State University link
10/1/15 RoboThespian Will Jackson Engineered Arts Limited and link
27/12/14 3D SLAM John Leonard MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) link
13/12/14 Robotics in theatre, film and television Grant Imahara
Richard McKenna
The Creature Technology Company link
28/11/14 Mobility Transformation Facility Edwin Olson University of Michigan link
15/11/14 Finding objects using RFID Travis Deyle Georgia Tech link
31/10/14 Nylon fishing line actuator Geoff Spinks Wollogong University link
17/10/14 Engaging girls in robotics Hannah and Rachael Tipperman
Ross Mead
Elizabeth Croft
Robot Springboard
University of Southern California
University of British Columbia (UBC)
3/10/14 Quest for computer vision Peter Corke Queensland University of Technology link
21/9/14 AirDog Edgars Rozentals Helico Aerospace Industries link
5/9/14 M-Blocks John Romanishin MIT link
22/8/14 Birdly Max Rheiner Zurich University of the Arts (ZHDK) link
8/8/14 Stiquito James Conrad University of North Carolina link
26/7/14 Ekso Bionics Russ Angold Ekso Bionics link
11/7/14 Cruise Kyle Vogt Cruise link
27/6/14 Computer-assisted surgery Karol Miller University of Western Australia link
14/6/14 A Code of Ethics for HRI Practitioners Laurel Riek University of Notre Dame link
30/5/14 Russian robotics Roman Luchin
Andrew Gryaznov
Cubic Robotics
16/5/14 RoboRoach Bill Reith
Oliver Bendel
Backyard Brains
University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland
2/5/14 Zero Tillage Robotics Peter Corke Queensland University of Technology link
20/4/14 Schunk Manipulators Henrik A. Schunk SCHUNK GmbH & Co link
4/4/14 Termite-Inspired Construction Justin Werfel Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering link
22/3/14 EU Robotics Week Fiorella Operto
Douwe Dresscher
Roko Tschakarow
School of Robotics
University of Twente
7/3/14 Privacy, Google, and big deals Avner Levin Ryerson University link
21/2/14 150th Episode Special Dario Floreano EPFL link
7/2/14 Industry and society Rezia Maria Molfino University of Genova link
24/1/14 Startup funding Jan Westerhues Robert Bosch Venture Capital link
10/1/14 Interdisciplinary teams Giulio Sandini Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) link
27/12/13 Teams and tasks Lynne Parker University of Tennessee-Knoxville (UTK) link
13/12/13 The DARPA Robotics Challenge Paul Oh Drexel Autonomous Systems Lab link
29/11/13 Working with EOD personnel Julie Carpenter University of Washington link
15/11/13 From the greenhouse to the fields David Dorhout Iowa State University link
3/11/13 Blue River Technology Jorge Heraud Blue River Technology link
18/10/13 FutureDairy Kendra Kerrisk University of Sydney link
4/10/13 Getting started in robotics Erin Kennedy link
20/9/13 Origami robots Nick Kohut Dash Robotics link
6/9/13 Construction with amorphous materials Nils Napp Wyss Institute link
23/8/13 Venture capital in robotics Diana Saraceni 360 Capital Partners link
9/8/13 Drone Journalism Matthew Schroyer link
26/7/13 Outdoor autonomous systems Jonathan Roberts CSIRO ICT Centre link
12/7/13 Mining Automation Martin Adams University of Chile link
28/6/13 Robotics Business Review Tom Green Robotics Business Review link
14/6/13 The OpenROV project Eric Stackpole
David Lang
OpenROV link
31/5/13 Curved Artificial Compound Eye Ramon Pericet Camara
Michal Dobrzynski
Curvace link
17/5/13 Autonomous lethal weapons Peter Asaro Campaign to Stop Killer Robots link
3/5/13 Audio interviews about the controlled flight of insect robots Kevin Ma
Pakpong Chirarattananon
Sawyer Fuller
Harvard Microrobotics Lab link
19/4/13 Ethical, social and legal issues Pericle Salvini Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna link
5/4/13 Software marketplace Celestino Alvarez Martinez
Lucia Fernandez Cossio
Adele link
22/3/13 International standards Gurvinder Virk ISO link
8/3/13 Giving rights to robots Kate Darling MIT Media Lab link
22/2/13 Insect-inspired navigation Michael Mangan University of Edinburgh link
8/2/13 EU Robotics Week Thilo Brodtmann
Asim Ikram
Barbara Klein
Danish Technology Institute
Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main
25/1/13 Robolution Capital Renaud Champion Robolution Capital link
11/1/13 Curious & creative Rob Saunders University of Sydney link
28/12/12 Autonomous Solutions Mel Torrie Autonomous Solutions, Inc. link
14/12/12 Sphero Ian Bernstein Orbotix link
30/11/12 The Wambots Team Thomas Bräunl University of Western Australia link
16/11/12 Digital cultures Chris Chesher Australian Center for Field Robotics link
2/11/12 Grishin Robotics Dmitry Grishin Grishin Robotics link
19/10/12 Space business Stephen Gorevan Honeybee Robotics link
5/10/12 Rethink Robotics Rodney Brooks Rethink Robotics link
21/9/12 BEAM Robotics Mark Tilden BEAM robotics link
7/9/12 Future cities Matthias Kohler Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) link
24/8/12 Robotics festival Francesco Mondada Robotics Festival link
10/8/12 Field robotics Salah Sukkarieh Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR) link
27/7/12 JPL Open House 2012 Tod Litwin
Megan Richardson
Kit Kennedy
Mike Watkins
Dimitri Zarzhitsky
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) link
13/7/12 Launching startups Andra Keay Robot Launch Pad link
29/6/12 Knowledge engineering Mary-Anne Williams University of Technology in Sydney Australia (UTS) link
15/6/12 Swiss robotics Dario Floreano Swiss National Center of Competence for Research (NCCR) in Robotics link
1/6/12 Robotic fish and mannequins Maarja Kruusmaa
Diana Saarva
TUT Center for Biorobotics in Estonia
18/5/12 The future of robot companions Paolo Dario Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna link
4/5/12 Robopocalypse Daniel Wilson link
20/4/12 Bringing them to market Steven Cousins
Roland Siegwart
Willow Garage
ETH Zurich
6/4/12 History and outlook George Bekey
Rodney Brooks

23/3/12 Dynamic systems Raffaello D’Andrea ETHZ link
9/3/12 Dexterous manipulation and morphogenesis Bruno Siciliano
Rolf Pfeifer
SCHUNK GmbH link
24/2/12 Self-organizing systems Radhika Nagpal Self-Organizing Systems Research Group link
10/2/12 Senseable robots Carlo Ratti, Senseable City Lab link
27/1/12 Advances in bipedal locomotion Subramanian Ramamoorthy
Felipe Brandão Cavalcanti
University of Edinburgh
University of Brasilia
13/1/12 From research to industry in the AUV market David Lane Heriot-Watt University link
30/12/11 Best of 2011 the Robots Podcast team link
16/12/11 Turning robots into products Erin Rapacki Adept Technology Inc. link
2/12/11 Robotics roadmaps – USA Henrik Christensen Robotics Roadmap link
18/11/11 Connectors & modular robots Martin Nilsson Swedish Institute of Computer Science link
4/11/11 Made in Brazil Marcelo Becker
Marcel de Sena Dall’Agnol
University of São Paulo (USP) link
21/10/11 Demonstrations at IROS Péter Fankhauser
Mike Rubenstein
Self-organizing Systems Research Group
7/10/11 IROS exhibit hall companies at IROS 2011
23/9/11 Educational robotics Francesco Mondada
Stéphane Magnenat
Fanny Riedo
Miniature Mobile Robots Group (MOBOTS)
Autonomous Systems Lab
Thymio II
9/9/11 Robot art (Part 3) Leonel Moura
Ken Rinaldo
Ohio State University
26/8/11 Robot art (Part 2) Bill Vorn
Louis-Philippe Demers
University Concordia in Montreal
Nanyang Technological University
11/8/11 Robot art (Part 1) Nicolas Reeves
University of Quebec
Brunel University
29/7/11 Our favorite robots The Robots Podcast team

15/7/11 Demining and defusing Frédéric Guerne
Paul Bosscher
Digger DTR
Harris Corp.
1/7/11 The Mind Machine Project Newton Howard Mind Machine Project link
17/6/11 Schunk manipulators Henrik Schunk SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG link
3/6/11 The Bilibot Project Garratt Gallagher MIT link
20/5/11 Blended reality Natalie Freed
David Robert
Adam Setapen
Personal Robots Group link
6/5/11 European robotics (Part 2) Bernd Liepert
Rich Walker
Shadow Robot
22/4/11 European robotics (Part 1) Jessica Karlsson
Ola Svanström
Moshe Shoham
ABB Robotics
Mazor Robotics
8/4/11 Robotic arts David St-Onge NXI Gestatio Laboratory link
25/3/11 Mind control Raul Rojas
Geoffrey Mackeller
Emotiv Systems
11/3/11 Future manipulators Heinrich Jaeger
Andrzej Grzesiak
University of Chicago
Fraunhofer IPA
25/2/11 Telepresence Jean-Christophe Baillie
Trevor Blackwell
11/2/11 Robotics roadmaps – Japan Tomomasa Sato Ministry of International Trade and Industry (METI) link
28/1/11 Odor source localization Hiroshi Ishida
Thomas Lochmatter
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
14/1/11 Robots Podcast: Harvest automation Joe Jones Harvest Automation link
31/12/10 Multi-robot teams Vijay Kumar
Daniel Mellinger
GRASP Lab link
17/12/10 Robots Podcast: Science fiction (Part 2) Greg Bear link
3/12/10 Personal helpers Steve Cousins
Moritz Tenorth
Willow Garage
Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group
19/11/10 Dependable swarms Alan Winfield Bristol Robotics Lab link
5/11/10 Robots Podcast: Autonomous vehicles Alberto Broggi
Raul Rojas
Vislab Intercontinental Vehicle Challenge
Made in Germany
22/10/10 Amateur UAVs Chris Anderson DIY Drones link
8/10/10 Futurama David X. Cohen Futurama link
24/9/10 Robots Podcast: Olfaction Achim Lilienthal
Lino Forte Marques
Örebro University
University of Coimbra
10/9/10 The law Ryan Calo Stanford Law School link
27/8/10 Programmable matter Michael Tolley
Jonas Neubert
Computational Synthesis Laboratory link
13/8/10 Distributed flight array Raymond Oung Swiss Federal Institute of Technology link
30/7/10 Science fiction (Part 1) Patrick Gyger Maison d’Ailleurs link
16/7/10 Nanosystems Ari Requicha
Grégory Mermoud
University of Southern California
Distributed Intelligent Systems and Algorithms Lab
2/7/10 R&D at iRobot Brian Yamauchi. iRobot link
18/6/10 Modeling biology Barbara Webb
Steffen Wischmann
Insect Robotics Group
4/6/10 Online human-robot interactions Sonia Chernova
Kenton Williams
Personal Robots Group
21/5/10 The Nao Humanoid Luc Degaudenzi
Cédric Vaudel
Aldebaran link
7/5/10 50 years of robotics (Part 2) Jean-Christophe Zufferey
Dan Kara
Kristinn Thórisson
Andrea Thomaz
Terry Fong
Richard Jones
Laboratory of Intelligent Systems
Robotics Business Review
School of Computer Science
Georgia Tech
Intelligent Robotics Group
University of Sheffield
23/4/10 50 years of robotics (Part 1) Rolf Pfeifer
Mark Tilden
Hiroshi Ishiguro
Oscar Schofield
Steve Potter
Chris Rogers
University of Zurich
BEAM robotics
Osaka University
Rutgers Coastal Ocean Observation Lab
Potter Group
Tufts University
9/4/10 URBI software platform Jean-Christophe Baillie Gostai link
26/3/10 Chaos control Poramate Manoonpong
Alex Pitti
Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience
University of Tokyo
12/3/10 The future of artificial intelligence Kristinn R. Thórisson
Wendelin Reich
Reykjavik University
Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study
26/2/10 Swarming satellites Alvar Saenz-Otero SPHERES link
12/2/10 AUV missions Oscar Schofield
Mark Moline
Rutgers University
Center for Coastal Marine Sciences
29/1/10 Quadrotors Joshua Portlock Cyber Technology link
15/1/10 Deep-sea exploration Alberto Collasius Jr. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution link
1/1/10 New year’s special Cecilia Lashi
Carl Morgan
Carson Reynolds
Octopus European project
Ishikawa Komuro Laboratory
18/12/09 Weight-loss coach Cory Kidd Intuitive Automata link
4/12/09 Planetary exploration Julie Townsend
Sebastian Gautsch
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
20/11/09 Learning Andrea Thomaz
Sethu Vijayakumar
Georgia Tech
University of Edinburgh
6/11/09 Stroke rehabilitation Ludovic Dovat
David Brown
Hand Rehabilitation Project
Kinea Design
23/10/09 Slithering creatures Howie Choset
Erik Kyrkjebø
Carnegie Mellon University
SINTEF Applied Cybernetic
9/10/09 Active touch Tony Prescott
Elio Tuci
University of Sheffield
Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies
25/9/09 Emergent communication Sara Mitri
Jürgen Jost
Laboratory of Intelligent Systems
Keller Group
11/9/09 Celebrating invention Dean Kamen DEKA link
28/8/09 Robot-assisted surgery Rainer Konietschke
Woong Youn Chung
Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics
Yonsei University College of Medicine
14/8/09 Brain-machine interfaces Charles Higgins
Steve Potter
Higgins Lab
Potter Group
31/7/09 Robots Podcast: Smart homes Roger Orpwood
Andrew Sixsmith
Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME)
Simon Fraser University
17/7/09 Soft machines Richard Jones University of Sheffield link
3/7/09 From animals to automation Markus Fischer
Victor Zykov
Cornell University
19/6/09 Celebrity robots brought to life Fred Barton
5/6/09 Autonomous city explorer Dirk Wollherr
Astrid Weiss
Technical University of Munich
University of Salzburg
22/5/09 Robot actors at the theater Christian Denisart
Nicola Tomatis
Les Voyages Extraordinaires
Bluebotics SA
8/5/09 Collective coverage and self-assembly Nikolaus Correll
Roderich Gross
24/4/09 Giant roaming creatures Theo Jansen
Jaimie Mantzel
Brown University
10/4/09 The race to the moon William “Red” Whittaker Field Robotics Center link
27/3/09 Learning with LEGO Chris Rogers
Liz Herron
Tufts University
LEGO Education Center
13/3/09 The REEM-B and HUBO humanoids Davide Faconti
Jun Ho Oh
REEM humanoid robot project
27/2/09 Robot ethics (Part 2) Ronald Arkin Mobile Robot Laboratory link
13/2/09 Robot ethics (Part 1) Noel Sharkey University of Sheffield link
30/1/09 Human-robot love David Levy
Kathleen Richardson
University of Maastricht
16/1/09 Industrial robots in research Raúl Ordóñez Motoman Robotics Lab link
2/1/09 2008 New Year’s special Dan Kara
Terry Fong
Dario Floreano
Steve Rainwater
Minoru Asada
19/12/08 Robot toys Mark Tilden WowWee Robotics link
5/12/08 Robot musicians Gil Weinberg
Atsuo Takanishi
Georgia Institute of Technology
Waseda University
21/11/08 Robots Podcast: Bio-inspired locomotion Robert Full
Auke Ijspeert
UC Berkeley
7/11/08 Androids, human presence and the uncanny valley Hiroshi Ishiguro Osaka University link
24/10/08 Jumping and crawling in millirobots Sarah Bergbreiter
Aaron Hoover
University of Maryland
University of California at Berkeley
10/10/08 Warehouse robots Raffaello D’Andrea ETHZ link
26/9/08 Swarming autonomous underwater vehicles Navinda Kottege
Marc Sherman
Australian National University
Teledyne RD Instruments
12/9/08 An uncertain revolution Claudio Mattiussi Laboratory of Intelligent Systems link
29/8/08 Bacteria-propelled microrobots Metin Sitti
Mark Schattner
Nanorobotics Laboratory
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
15/8/08 DelFly and Europe’s micro air vehicle competition Christophe de Wagter
Peter Vörsmann
Delft University of Technology
TU Braunschweig
1/8/08 The robot blogosphere Steven Rainwater
Mikell Taylor
IEEE Spectrum Automaton blog
18/7/08 Modular and reconfigurable robotics Kasper Støy
Robert Fitch
University of Southern Denmark
Australian Centre for Field Robotics
4/7/08 Robots Podcast: Robot soccer Manuela Veloso International RoboCup Federation link
20/6/08 A robot fly at Harvard and at the MoMA Rob Wood
Paola Antonelli
Harvard Microrobotics Lab
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
6/6/08 Cornell racing team and Velodyne’s LIDAR sensor Dan Huttenlocher
Rick Yoder
Team Cornell