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Dan Kara

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Dan Kara is Chief Research Officer at Myria RAS, a research and advisory services firm that delivers actionable advice, research and best practices models to assist current and future users of robotics, automation and intelligent systems technology enhance operational effectiveness. Prior to founding Myria, Dan was President and Co-Founder of Robotics Trends, an integrated media firm that publishes and Robotics Business Review. He was also the developer and chairman of the RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition series, the RoboDevelopment Conference and Exposition series, the RoboNexus Conference and Exposition series, and the CES Robotics TechZone. Dan has also worked as Executive VP of Intermedia Group, Director of Research at Ullo International, and CTO of Software Productivity Group.

by   -   March 4, 2014


What is one to make of this focus series … Big Deals: What It Means to Have the Giants Investing in Robotics … with the giants being Google, Amazon and Apple (as given in the preamble)? The assumption, of course, is that robotics investments by these companies represent a turning point in the evolution of robotics — perhaps something wholly different, outside the normal ebb and flow of robotics investments, acquisitions, and mergers. It is also assumed that the investments represent some type of trend, or at least have something in common.