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Ardi Tampuu


After having studied "Bioinformatics and Modelling" in Lyon, France, I have now returned home to Estonia and started my PhD studies in the Computational Neuroscience Lab at the University of Tartu. My main interest lies in studying the behavior of complex systems, but I am also fascinated by recent developments in AI and machine learning.

Two years after the small London-based startup DeepMind published their pioneering work on “Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning”, they have become one of the leaders in the chase for Artificial General Intelligence. In our previous article, we took a thorough peek inside their technology. In our latest research, we ask: what happens when multiple AI agents are competing or collaborating in the same environment?


Last December, an article named “Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning” was uploaded to arXiv by employees of a small AI company called DeepMind. Two months later Google bought DeepMind for 500 million euros, and this article is almost the only thing we know about the company . Currently our team is trying to replicate their artificial mind, and in this post we describe its inner workings.