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Brad Knox

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Brad, an NSF Graduate Research Fellow, researches how to design agents that can be taught interactively by human reward—somewhat like animal training. He's an AI/robotics researcher at UT and MIT. Prototyping simple robots with lifelike behavior in Austin, Texas at bots_alive. The TAMER framework is the result of his efforts. After giving a lot of demos of a trainable Tetris agent, he kept getting called "The Tetris Guy." After defending, Brad joined Cynthia Breazeal's group at the MIT Media Lab as a postdoc, working on the personalization side of an educational robots project. In his free time, Brad runs in "barefoot" sandals, eats tasty trailer food, and tries out his robot training techniques on his dog.

by   -   February 1, 2017

Brad Knox talks bots_alive and a new form of character AI. Much like motion capture for scripted animation, this new technique may revolutionize how interactive characters are created, through observation of authentic human-generated behavior.