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Evsen Yanmaz


Evsen Yanmaz received her Bachelor of Science in EEE from Bogazici University in 2000; her MS degree in EE from SUNY at Buffalo in 2002; and her Ph.D in ECE at Carnegie Mellon University in 2005. From 2006 to 2008, she held a Postdoctoral Fellowship in CCS Division at the LANL. Since October 2008, she has been with the Mobile Systems Group at the University of Klagenfurt and Lakeside Labs as senior researcher. Her research interests include dynamic load balancing and cooperation in wireless networks, self-organization, networks of unmanned vehicles.

Autonomously flying robots — also called small-scale unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — are more and more exploited in civil and commercial applications for monitoring, surveillance, and disaster response. For some applications, it is beneficial if a team of coordinated UAVs rather than a single UAV is employed. Multiple UAVs can cover a given area faster or take photos from different perspectives at the same time. This emerging technology is still at an early stage and, consequently, profound research and development efforts are needed.