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Matěj Karásek


Matěj Karásek is a postdoctoral researcher at the Micro Air Vehicle lab of Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. His research interests span from mechatronics and bio-inspired robotics to flight dynamics and flight control of natural fliers.

by and   -   September 26, 2018
DelFly Nimble in forward flight. Credits: TU Delft

Bio-inspired flapping wing robots hold a great potential. The promise is that they can fly very efficiently even at smaller scales, while being able to fly fast, hover, and make quick maneuvers. We now present a new flapping wing robot, the DelFly Nimble, that is so agile that it can even accurately mimic the high-speed escape maneuvers of fruit flies. In the scientific article, published in Science, we show that the robot’s motion resembles so much that of the fruit fly that it allowed us to better understand the dynamics of fruit flies during escape maneuvers. Here at Robohub, we wish to give a bit more background about the motivation and process of how we got to the final design of this robot, and what we think the future may bring.