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Matt Beane

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I study robotics in the professionalized workplace - generally via direct, longitudinal observation, and I am in my final year in the Information Technology doctoral program at MIT's Sloan school. Beyond my dissertation on robotic surgery, I have completed projects on semi-autonomous delivery robots in hospitals and on a robotic telepresence system used in an ICU. My background is in group dynamics and organizational change.

by   -   July 29, 2015

The release last week of the study on adverse events in robotic surgery led to much discussion on the safety and effectiveness of robotic surgical procedures. While the hope is that this dialogue will mean safer and more effective robotic procedures in the future, the intense focus on safety and effectiveness seems to be compromising training opportunities for new robotic surgeons, who require many hours of “live” surgical practice time to develop their skills.

by   -   April 13, 2013

Recent economic trends are perplexing. Corporate profits are up. Productivity is up. Jobs and pay for the average worker have crashed, and are recovering slower than in any other decade on record. Many explanations for this paradox center on the role of technology: with the help of rapidly-advancing technologies (particularly information technologies), workers can produce that much more in output with that much less in input.