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Michael Harries

Dr Michael Harries is an angel investor and advisor working with a range of high technology startups. Until recently he was Chief Technologist at Citrix Startup Accelerator, using open innovation and investment in early stage startups to better understand emerging trends in computing. His primary focus is on cloud computing, enterprise infrastructure computing and the future of work, including the fields of robotics, machine learning and AI.

The practice of Enterprise IT is being transformed by a variety of innovations that emerged in the last decade. Vendors who have traditionally sold into this space are struggling to adapt. They are facing the Innovators Dilemma, largely captive to their traditional business models. We can expect a similar dynamic of disruption for the field of service robotics. Cloud computing, Software as a Service, and mobile connectivity represent an important competitive opportunity for every robotics-focused company, and the future of the service robotics industry is inevitably one of Robotics as a Service.