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Michael Szollosy


Michael Szollosy is a research fellow at Sheffield Robotics, at the University of Sheffield, and is attached to the Department of Psychology. His research is focussed primarily on robots (VR, AI, teleoperation.) as they are in the cultural imagination, and the social implications of new technologies. Michael's background is in literary and cultural studies, with a particular focus on psychoanalytic theory. He has taught English literature and literary theory extensively for over a decade, and has designed and taught distance learning programmes on psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. He has a PhD in English Literature and Psychoanalytic Studies from Sheffield (2002), and degrees from McGill University and University of Toronto. Originally from Canada, he has lived in England for almost twenty years.

by   -   April 17, 2018

Great news here at Dreaming Robots as we’ve just been able to confirm with Sky Atlantic and NowTV that we will be live tweeting again each episode of the new series of HBO’s completely fantastic Westworld, starting with the Season 2 premiere on 23 April.

by   -   April 4, 2018

The long-anticipated, Steven Spielberg-helmed Ready Player One has just been released in UK cinemas this week, and as a film of obvious interest to DreamingRobots and Cyberselves everywhere, we went along to see what the Maestro of the Blockbuster has done with Ernest Cline’s 2011 novel (which the author himself helped to adapt to the screen).

Source: HBO, Westworld
Source: HBO, Westworld

Please note: The following article may contain spoilers up to Episode 5 of Westworld.

HBO’s Westworld (on Sky Atlantic here in the UK) is progressing nicely, though even now at five episodes in it’s probably a little too early to start speculating about what is going on exactly. However, at the risk of casting wild speculations that hindsight later proves naive, one character that is particularly interesting: Anthony Hopkin’s Dr. Robert Ford.

Michael Szollosy at Sheffield Robotics explores many of the themes in the Westworld reboot from a philosophical aspect, and questions what it is to ‘become human.’

Brexit-European-Union Eu Flag On Broken Wall And Half Great

As part of the UK’s National Robotics Week, The University of Sheffield hosted the 17th Towards Autonomous Systems (TAROS) conference from 28-30 June. Among the papers and discussions on the development of autonomous robotics research, two sessions on the last day looked at robots in the public eye and exploring the issue of responsible research in robotics.

The British Science Association (BSA) conducted a survey to see how the public thought robotics and artificial intelligence will affect society and culture. The online survey, which had over 2,000 responses, shows there hasn’t been much increase in positive attitudes towards robotics. However, there has been a slight increase in anxiety about robots displacing humans in the workforce.

by   -   February 1, 2016

Google-backed DeepMind created an AI sophisticated enough to beat a human champion in the Chinese board game Go, marking another milestone of development and progress in AI research. What will be next as we raise the bar?