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Rikke Duus

Dr Rikke Duus is a Senior Teaching Fellow in Entrepreneurial Marketing & Marketing Analytics at University College London’s (UCL) School of Management. Rikke delivers cutting-edge courses in the areas of entrepreneurial marketing and digital business. She has extensive experience in innovative educational design, using digital technologies, collaborations and business integrations. She is an active researcher in consumer behaviour, digital transformation and human-technology relations and often presents at national and international conferences. She is published in the Journal of Marketing Education, Advances of Consumer Research, Business Insider, Discover, World Economic Forum, The Independent, New York Times and Sydney Morning Herald. She has received multiple research and enterprise grants. In addition to her academic work, Rikke also helps businesses grow through training and entrepreneurship programmes.

by and   -   December 21, 2016

Stores are engaged in an arms race to make online shopping less of an impersonal chore.