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The Skolkovo Robotics Center was created in August 2014 to form a sustainable community of robotics and unmanned vehicle developers and with the wider goal of revitalizing industry and modernizing the Russian economy. The Robocenter is superimposed onto existing Skolkovo Innovation Center infrastructure and conducts its activity via hackspace and coworking, Shared Usage Centers and acceleration programs. As such, it is the Skolkovo Innovation Center's first interdisciplinary center. Despite its short existence, the Robocenter already boasts a portfolio of over 30 companies involved in industrial, service, medical, educational and personal robotics, computer vision, artificial intelligence and speech interfaces. The Robocenter organizes various innovation events such as one of Europe’s biggest in the sphere of robot technology: the Skolkovo International Robotics Conference. More information can be found at the website. We are partners with Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Russian Academy of Science and other leading robotics centers.

by   -   August 13, 2015


Clinical trials of Russia’s first medical exoskeleton have begun in a Moscow hospital, marking the latest step in the Skolkovo-backed innovation’s battle to reach the market.

by   -   May 22, 2015

Students brainstorm during the design hackathon at the 2015 Skolkovo International Robotics Conference.

by   -   March 13, 2015

On March 20-22, the Hypercube will host Russia’s biggest robotics event, the Skolkovo International Robotics Conference. Interview with Skolkovo’s chief roboticist, Albert Efimov.