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Thosha Moodley

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Thosha is a robotics and artificial intelligence enthusiast. She likes to theorise on the possibilities of these technologies, promote their understanding and help them gain adoption.


Pepper, Jibo and Milo make up the first generation of social robots, leading what promises to be a cohort with diverseĀ capabilities and future applications. But what are social robots and what should they be able to do? This article gives an overview of theories that can help us understand social robotics better.

Thosha Moodley visits Decosā€™ futuristic development lab and is greeted by a familiar face: Softbank’s Pepper robot, newly employed as a receptionist.

by   -   December 8, 2016

Robotics and artificial intelligence enthusiast Thosha Moodley gives a summery of her experience at European Robotics Week 2016’s central event in Amsterdam, where the theme was service robots.