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Vito Trianni

Vito Trianni is a permanent researcher at ISTC-CNR. He gained a Ph.D. in Applied Sciences at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in 2006. Vito has thorough expertise, both theoretical and experimental, in the (automatic) design of collective and self-organising behaviours, especially applied to swarm robotics. Besides engineering robotic systems, Vito’s research activities instantiate a synthetic approach to the understanding of distributed cognitive systems.

Saga Agriculture Robots

Swarms of drones will help farmers map weeds in their fields and improve crop yields. This is the promise of an ECHORD++ funded research project called ‘SAGA: Swarm Robotics for Agricultural Applications’. The project will deliver a swarm of drones programmed to monitor a field and, via on-board machine vision, precisely map the presence of weeds among crops.

Additionally, the drones attract each another at weed-infested areas, allowing them to inspect only those areas accurately, similar to how swarms of bees forage the most profitable flower patches. In this way, the planning of weed control activities can be limited to high-priority areas, generating savings at the same time as increasing productivity.