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ARM Cortex-A72: ARMv8-A (AArch64) at 16 or 14 nm | Ars Technica

curated by | April 26, 2015

“At its annual, somewhat exclusive Tech Day event, ARM has detailed its new high-performance CPU core: Cortex A72. In simple terms, the A72 is a faster, more efficient, and smaller version of the Cortex A57. The first 16nm FinFET mobile SoCs with the Cortex A72 CPU will likely ship in 2016, fabricated by TSMC.”

John Payne’s insight:
ARM is all about performance per watt, or, more precisely, performance per watt-second, since the overall battery drain may be less for a given processing task if it accomplished much faster, even if the load is slightly higher during computation. In the case of the Cortex-A72, ARM appears to have achieved both increased speed and a load reduction. ARM’s product page: – Wikipedia entry:

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