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CBC Radio program highlights Canada’s advances in drone journalism

February 27, 2014


The overriding question concerning a recent episode of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s radio program “The Current” was “is Canada ready for drone journalism?”

The College of the North Atlantic, and Professional Society of Drone Journalists Vice President Ian Hannah, didn’t just show how journalists already are using the technology, but demonstrated how Canada is among worldwide leaders in drone innovation.

CBC’s program featured audio of CNA instructor Jeff Ducharme lecturing a journalism class on the use of a drone, providing lessons in the technical and ethical issues regarding drone use. Ducharme also demonstrated an iPad-guided Parrot AR.Drone quadrotor for his students.

CNA is the first Canadian college to provide a drone journalism course, which it has taught since January.

Hannah, who is owner and operator of Avrobotics and director of operations of Industrial Sky Works, discussed current regulations in Canada and applications for drones in journalism and media. He also spoke on the importance for drones to help journalists collect data, which could inform investigative reports.

“It’s not just maybe cameras that we’re looking at on UAVs,” Hannah said. “Sensors of any kind can be taken up, and that’s one of the major changes that will actually happen. Journalists won’t just be looking at pictures, they’ll be looking at data.”

Matthew Schroyer
guest author
Matthew Schroyer is a drone and data journalist based in Urbana, Illinois.

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