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Counting on Agroecology: Why we should invest more in the transition to sustainable agriculture | Union of Concerned Scientists

curated by | November 19, 2015

The science of agroecology can transform the way we grow our food in a more sustainable direction. So why are we investing so little in it?

John Payne’s insight:
What does this have to do with robotics? Consider the dilemma: to be taken seriously by agribusiness, agroecology will have to become scalable. This is best accomplished through appropriate mechanization, which is itself best accomplished through robotics, but, until agroecology is taken seriously, where will the money come from to develop that appropriate mechanization? This undoubtedly will eventually constitute a huge portion of the robotics market, but how much additional damage will have been done to the planet and how many promising young roboticists, interested in doing this work, will have turned their attention to something else in frustration before that happens?

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