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Cultibotics: Robotics for Gardeners and Farmers, Part 1

curated by | June 3, 2016
“What would you like to do with your garden or farm that you can’t make time for, don’t have patience for, or just can’t imagine how’d you go about getting it done? Weeding without herbicides? Maintaining a continuous canopy of foliage by replacing plants as they mature? Dispensing with rows and using nearly all of the available space nearly all the time? Mixing native flowers in with your vegetables in a random fashion? Selectively harvesting certain plants in a polyculture mix without having to crush others under wheels to do it? Including perennials in your mix? Allowing poultry to range free under the shade of your taller crops, without fear that they’ll wander off or be taken by a fox or bobcat? Whatever it is, there may soon be a machine available that makes it not only possible but practical.”

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March 28, 2020

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