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FRE2016 to be collocated with DLG-Feltage, June 14th-16th |

curated by | December 15, 2015

[FRE2016] “The Field Robot Event 2016 will be collocated with the DLG-Feldtage 2016 at Gut Mariaburghausen in Haßfurt, Germany (14-16 June). We are looking forward to this new and improved edition of the Field Robot Event, which will be embedded in one of the greatest agricultural exhibits in the world!”

John Payne’s insight:
The Field Robot Event is now held under the auspices of IEEE RAS. Having begun tentatively in 2002, and in ernest in 2003, FRE2016 will be the 14th (or 15th, depending what you count) running of the event.

Rules and tasks for FRE2016:
DLG-Feltage website:

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