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How ag-tech can save the world | TechCrunch

curated by | September 7, 2015

“As investors, our job is to find the visionaries that dream up the future and partner with them to help make that dream a reality. In agriculture, with the latest advancements in technology, we half imagined small harvesting robots, skyscraper vertical farms in every city and sensor-studded fields overseen by drones. Yet, as fun as it is to imagine this kind of future for agriculture, we were hungry for a more comprehensive picture, so we dove in to get an understanding of what the real challenges are — and 10 ways to turn them into opportunities.”

John Payne’s insight:
While not entirely compatible with my own vision, this perspective is an important component of the worldwide debate over the future of agriculture. Smart investors always back what they perceive to be necessary change. My only quibble is with what’s included within that perception.

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