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Projector Drone: Could drones broadcast the news?

July 4, 2014


As a Board Member of the Professional Society of Drone Journalists, and part of the team at both I-Drone and SWARM UAV, I am lucky enough to work in the growing civilian UAV industry everyday.

The Projector Drone that we have built in Melbourne, Australia, is one of my favorite in-house projects. It has provided a great opportunity to explore the role of drones beyond ‘eye-in the sky’ applications. In short our ‘Projector Drone’ does not record the world around it. It broadcasts onto it.

Our proof of concept build uses a modified DJI F550 Flamewheel kit, gets twelve minutes flight time and features its own on-board data storage and a 500 lumens LED projector.

We are already working on more sophisticated features including live streaming data, gimbal integration, ultrasonic sound capabilities and improved flight time. 

It is not hard to imagine a slightly sci-fi future where micro UAVs with similar broadcasting abilities are used to deliver breaking news, disaster and traffic management, emergency warnings and maybe an advertisement or two.

We are now looking for media, commercial, and educational partners to work with us on real world applications of this exciting new platform.

Any enquires hit me up at

Written by Ryan Hamlet for the Professional Society of Drone Journalism.

Professional Society of Drone Journalists
guest author
Professional Society of Drone Journalists is the first international organization dedicated to establishing the ethical, educational and technological framework for the emerging field of drone journalism.

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