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Restoring soil quality to sequester carbon on a grand scale | Fast Company

curated by | October 31, 2015

“Little known climate change fact: Just the first meter of soil contains as much carbon as the entire atmosphere. And there’s potential to soak up much more.”

John Payne’s insight:
Where did all the carbon that used to be in the soil go? Into the atmosphere and oceans, of course. Why? Because of how we go about farming? How is this relevant to robotics? With the introduction of robotics to agriculture, we have the opportunity to turn this around and move a huge amount of carbon out of the atmosphere back into the soil. But this will only happen if robotic technologies are applied in support of methods that improve rather than degrade soil quality, something which is only partially under the control of roboticists. However, roboticists can help by pointing out, at every opportunity, the scarcity of funding for robotic technologies in support of farming methods which improve soil quality, and by suggesting technologies they believe they could develop if funding were available.

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