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Sabine Hauert: Swarming nanobots for cancer applications | CMU RI Seminar

curated by | February 13, 2016

Sabine earned her PhD at EPFL, did a post-doc at MIT, and is now a lecturer in robotics at Bristol University.  She describes herself as a swarm engineer.  The abstract for her presentation follows: “Nanoparticles for cancer applications are increasingly able to move, sense, and interact the body in a controlled fashion. The challenge is to discover how trillions of nanoparticles can work together to improve the detection and treatment of tumors. Towards this end, the field of swarm robotics offers tools and techniques to control large numbers of agents with limited capabilities. Our swarm strategies are designed in realistic simulators using bio-inspiration, machine learning and crowdsourcing (NanoDoc: Strategies are then translated to 1000 coin-sized robots, or to experiments under the microscope in tissue-on-a-chip devices. Lessons learned could also enable large-scale swarm deployments in outdoor applications.”


(Sabine has also long been involved with Robots Podcast and Robohub, and is a constant source of inspiration for all around her!)

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March 28, 2020

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