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Startup plans to use drones to plant 1 billion trees per year | Fast Company

curated by | April 15, 2015

“The world burns or cuts down about 26 billion trees a year. It replants about 15 billion. You can see the shortfall. At the moment, we’re not planting trees quickly enough to combat deforestation—a problem with big implications for climate change. That’s why Lauren Fletcher wants to automate the process with drone technology. His startup, BioCarbon Engineering, plans to seed up to 1 billion trees a year, all without ever setting foot on the ground. ‘The only way we’re going to take on these age-old problems is with techniques that weren’t available to us before,’ Fletcher says. ‘By using this approach we can meet the scale of the problem out there.’”

John Payne’s insight:
This is one important example of a more general principle, which is that, to compete with irresponsible but profitable enterprises, more responsible methods must be made economical, and robots can help with this.

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