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by   -   September 30, 2012


Hot on the heels of the Open Hardware Summit, comes the World Maker Faire New York. In progress as I write, it is being held at the New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY. It began yesterday and runs through 6:00 PM today, Eastern Time. There are three live video streams available from the MakerFaire website.

by   -   September 30, 2012


The attached video, posted by Make Magazine, addresses what was apparently a subject of much discussion at the 2012 Open Hardware Summit, this past Thursday, which is MakerBot’s decision not to share the design files for its Replicator(TM)2 3D printer. What follows is the description that accompanies the video, with links inserted

At this year’s Open Hardware Summit (9/27) in NYC, the MAKE video team asked some key participants (from MakerBot, SparkFun, Evil Mad Scienrist, OpenROV and others) what they thought about MakerBot closing off some of its source files. Here’s some of what they had to say.

While not strictly about robotics, there is a high degree of overlap between the open source hardware movement and hobbyist robotics. In particular, 3D printers are frequently employed to fabricate parts for robots.

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