Drones against illegal fishing

Image source: Flickr With industry losses worth US$23 billion per year, illegal fishing represents a major global problem. One out of three bluefin tunas are caught illegally, as are around 20% of a...
24 July 2014, by

Harvesting Robots for High-value Crops | Journal of Field Robotics

“This review article analyzes state-of-the-art and future perspectives for harvesting robots in high-value crops. The objectives were to characterize the crop environment relevant for robotic harves...
14 July 2014, by

University students developing robotic gardening technology | NASA

As astronauts explore beyond Earth, they will need to make their habitat as self-sustaining as possible. This includes growing fruits and vegetables.Source:
12 July 2014, by

Will agricultural robots arrive in time to keep fruit and vegetable costs down?

Grape pickers migrate from field to field in northern Mexico and California. Photo credit: Tomas Castelazo (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons. 77% of all agricultural workers in the US are foreign bor...
11 July 2014, by

Migration from Mexico to U.S. is tapering off. How does this impact farmers?

A recent newsletter from Harvest Automation, the start-up company that produces robots that move potted plants at nurseries and greenhouses, cites two very revealing trends regarding migrant workers....
26 June 2014, by

ROS meets precision agriculture at Blue River Technology

If you were to design the worst possible environment for software engineering, the cramped jump seat of a John Deere tractor would be a contender. The sound and vibration of the engine makes conversat...

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Canadian farmers invest in robots to work ‘smarter, not harder’ | CBC

Thousands of farms around the world now use robotic technology. In Canada, the automatic milkers are more recent – and the numbers of early adopters can be counted in the dozens. Read more by David...
13 May 2014, by



Zero Tillage Robotics, with Peter Corke

In this episode, Ron Vanderkley speaks with Professor Peter Corke from Queensland University of Technology, about the fast-tracking research that will see robots planting, weeding, maintaining and har...
02 May 2014, by

Urban vegetable garden system with LED lighting

Keystone Technology's LED vegetable garden system is a cultivation system for indoor plant factories that uses LED lighting instead of sunlight. The most defining feature of the system on display at t...
10 March 2014, by

Lockheed and AeroVironment to jointly develop UAS

AeroVironment (of Raven, Puma and Wasp fame) has a high-altitude long-endurance UAV named Global Observer. It flies at 65,000’ for a week or more at a time, has up to a 600-mile diameter fo...
16 February 2014, by

Agricultural robot market anticipated to reach $16.3 billion by 2020

In a new $7,800 report by Wintergreen Research, significant growth is anticipated over the remainder of this decade in every aspect of farming, milking, food production and animal control....
01 February 2014, by

International Robot Olympiad 2013 wraps up

Materials used to produce International Robot Olympiad competition events. The 2013 (15th annual) International Robot Olympiad competition has come to a close. Next year it will take place in Beiji...
23 December 2013, by

International Robot Olympiad 2013: Robots in agriculture

Let me admit up front that I'm not the best person to be covering a robotics competition. In fact this is only the second one I've attended; the first, Sparkfun's AVC, is a tough act to follow and set...
18 December 2013, by

From the Greenhouse to the Fields, with David Dorhout

Link to audio file (27:16) In this episode, Ron Vanderkley speaks with David Dorhout from Iowa State University about his Agricultural Robots that include Prospero the robot farmer and Aquarius the g...
15 November 2013, by

UAV innovation is in the Cloud; 3 precision Ag innovations to watch for in 2014

Did you know that the world’s population is set to increase from seven billion people to more than nine billion in the next 40 years? In order to meet this growing demand, agricultural producers wil...
12 November 2013, by

From precision farming to autonomous farming: How commodity technologies enable revolutionary impact

The popular conception of farming as low-tech is woefully out of date. Modern farmers are high-tech operators: They use GIS software to plan their fields, GPS to guide field operations, and auto-steer...
11 November 2013, by

Air, water, energy and food in a nutshell: Space exploration as driver for sustainable robotic agriculture

University of Colorado's robotic plant growth is demonstrated at the Kennedy Space Center. Source: NASA. Targeting a sustainable presence of humans in outer space will require solving air, water, ...
04 November 2013, by

Blue River Technology, with Jorge Heraud

Link to audio file (31:48) In this episode Sabine Hauert speaks with Jorge Heraud, CEO of California-based startup Blue River Technology which brings together computer vision and robotics to auto...
03 November 2013, by

Down on the farm with drones

Photo credit: Patrick Egan. There are bushels of folks out there now spending money and putting time in finding niches for unmanned systems that already exist. You may be saying, isn’t that what we...
29 October 2013, by

Lay of the land: Unmanned systems coming to commercial agriculture

Yamaha is testing spraying vineyards in Napa Valley through a COA with the FAA. Photo courtesy Yamaha Corp. With the global market for unmanned systems in agriculture on the rise, companies that ma...
25 October 2013, by

Transformational robotics and its application to agriculture

No, this is not about shapeshifting robots, come to save or destroy Earth. It is about transforming the contexts within which robotic technologies are applied, and about practicing robotics with the i...
25 October 2013, by

Matching technology to value creation: Drones in agriculture

‘Drones in agriculture’ has been a topic hot lately, but is it a real business? As a former Army UAV platoon leader and a current founder of an aerial data collection start-up, I believe so, bu...
24 October 2013, by

Harvey: A working robot for container crops

Two robots follow boundary markers on either side of an irrigation pipe. Photo credit: Harvest Automation. In mid-2012, four HV-100 robots from Harvest Automation achieved an elusive milestone in rob...
23 October 2013, by

Ten lessons for farm drones

3D Robotics's Vice President of Sales and Marketing John Cherbini prepares to launch a plane at Small Vines Wines in Sebastopol, Ca Sept. 13, 2013. The plane can help day-to-day operations on a farm...
22 October 2013, by

FutureDairy, with Kendra Kerrisk

Link to audio file (38:51) FutureDairy is an R&D development program to help Australian dairy farmers manage the challenges they are likely to face during the next 20 years. In this episode, Ron ...
18 October 2013, by

Robotic cornucopia: Robohub focuses on the state-of-the-art and the future of agricultural robotics

With an ever-increasing need to feed the world's hungry, the agricultural sector has long been an important boon to the field of robotics: the sector's widespread acceptance and use of automation tec...
18 October 2013, by

Two small drones approved by FAA for civilian use in the US

Insitu's Scan Eagle x200. Two small drones, Insitu's Scan Eagle X200 and AeroVironment's PUMA, have become the first federally certified unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for civilian use in the US. O...
27 July 2013, by

Three ag robot companies featured in AP story

... In an Associated Press article by Gosia Wozniacka, using robots to sort, thin, harvest and handle fruits and vegetables were examined. ... Blue River Technology and their Lettuce Bot; Vision Ro...
19 July 2013, by

Robotics and the disruptive transformation of agriculture

Over the last few years, there has been increasing talk about the potential of agriculture as a market for robotics. Speaking about future markets for unmanned aerial systems in a recent presentation ...
15 July 2013, by

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