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Robohub is now a community with over 75 contributors and more than 50,000 unique visitors each month. In the last six months alone, our readership has doubled! More readers are coming to Robohub everyday for the latest news and opinions on robotics technology, business and policy directly from our global network of researchers, innovation experts, business leaders, policy-makers and historians.

In order to continue our mission of connecting the robotics community to the public we need your support. Your donation will go towards covering the latest in robotics research, paying the salaries of our dedicated staff, maintaining the website and exploring initiatives to deliver exciting new content to our readers.

Read more about how we pay the bills, our accomplishments this year and what we have in store for the rest.



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How Robohub Pays Its Bills

As a non-profit, Robohub exists primarily thanks to the contributions of dozens of volunteers who work every day to bring you the latest breakthroughs in robotics research, technology, business, education and much more. We also have a small, mostly part-time team of paid staff (1 p/t editor, 1 p/t web technician, 1 p/t project manager, 1 f/t business developer), whose salaries are almost entirely paid for by a grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation (no. 139912), and who are primarily responsible for:

  • Networking with contributors to bring you great stories
  • Organizing focus series on important topics in robotics
  • Editing and formatting content for publication
  • Designing and maintaining the website
  • Maintaining our presence on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Exploring new ways to connect the robotics community to the public


Where Our Money Comes From

Percentage of Revenue by Category (as of May 31, 2014)


Where Our Money Goes

Percentage of Expenses by Category (as of May 31, 2014)


What We Have Accomplished

2014 has been a tremendous year for Robohub! In addition to doubling our readership to over 50,000 unique monthly visitors, we successfully organized the first global robotics startup competition, launched the first global jobs board for the robotics community, and broadcast our 150th podcast. We also hit major milestones in our social media reach, including: 625,000 Google+ followers, 3000 Twitter followers and 1000 Facebook fans. Read more about our 2014 accomplishments below:

  • Robot Launch 2014 – The first global startup competition for robotics – Seventy-six robotics startups from 19 different countries competed for mentorship and prizes from Indiegogo, WilmerHale, Grishin Robotics, Bosch Ventures, Lemnos Labs, Robolution Captital, Luxr, and a showcase at O’Reilly’s Solid conference. Yesterday we announced the grand prize winner, Leka, a startup from France that makes social robots for children with autism. See the full list of award-winners here.
  • Big deals: What it means to have the giants investing in robotics – It was the question everyone in the robotics community was asking this winter, and we worked hard to find the answers among those in the know. Check out the insightful guest pieces by Gill Pratt, Henrik Schunk, Dan Kara, Valery Komissarova, Erin Rapacki, Rob Wilson, Colin Lewis, Chad Partridge and others.
  • ROBOTS: From imagination to market – A full day seminar and networking event at MIT. Co-organized by Robohub, Swissnex Boston, Swisslink and the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, with talks from Radhika Nagpal (Wyss), Sangbae Kim (MIT), Cynthia Brazeal (MIT Media Lab), Dario Floreano (EPLF), Ben Einstein (Bolt), Parris Wellman (Kiva), Miriam Bekouche (Indiegogo) and many others.
  • Robojobs – The new international jobs board dedicated to the robotics community – Find posting for jobs in the robotics industry, or post a job to reach relevant candidates worldwide. Proceeds support our non-profit organization.
  • Robots Podcast: 150th Episode Special – Our award-winning podcast team recently published its 150th episode of interviews with influential leaders in the robotics community.
  • Our new monthly digest offers an excellent snapshot of robotics news from the past month.
  • Robohub calls and events calendar - Promotes events to the global robotics community.


Where We Are Headed

Robohub is proud of these accomplishments, but we are just getting started. Our team has even more initiatives lined up for the second half of the year, including:

  • Expert hangouts with robotics influencers
  • Crowdfunding support for robotics startups
  • New focus series on the role of robotics in eldercare and in arts and entertainment
  • Review series on educational robotics
  • More listings and resumes on Robojobs
  • Expanded outreach to mainstream news outlets
  • Coverage of IROS 2014

We will also begin our preparations for Robot Launch 2015! Thrilled about the success of our first annual robotics startup competition, we want the next to be bigger and better, with more startups, more judges and more prizes.


Why We Need Your Support

We are free, and we want to stay that way

We have been lucky to have the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation for the past year, but to be sustainable in the long run, we need your support. Robohub is growing: we are producing more news stories and interviews, and reaching out to a wider audience everyday. It takes time and energy to produce quality content, and we receive more news tips each day than we have the person-power to process into quality content. With your help we can produce more of the great stories you love.

We are more than a news site

Robohub is more than an online robotics news site; we are a community, and a forum for knowledge-sharing, discussion, and debate. We have the expertise in science communication to help roboticists share their stories in their own words by providing them with a social media platform and editorial guidance. This means that our readers get to learn about the latest research and business news, events and opinions, directly from the experts. Your support will help us expand our editorial and communication platform to put researchers directly in contact with more readers.

We share

We believe in the free flow of information, as it helps us in our goal to demystify robotics for the general public and connect researchers directly to their readers. When Robohub stories go viral on Twitter, news aggregator sites like Slashdot, or in the mainstream news, this benefits the robotics community as a whole. But stories don’t go viral by themselves! Your support will help us broaden our network and have a stronger voice on the issues that matter most to the robotics community.

We are growing

Robohub is constantly looking for new ways to bring you the information you want to hear. Our robotics jobs board, business competition, increased coverage of robotics business news and startups, and expanded events calendar were all in response to our readers’ feedback. Going forward, your support will help us realize even more exciting initiatives, and explore new ways to cover and share the information that matters most to you.

We are incredibly grateful to our volunteer contributors, tech and editorial staff, our readers and everyone who has spread the word about Robohub. With your help we can deliver more content, find new ways to engage the robotics community and fulfill our mission of connecting the robotics community to the public. Keep Robohub going with your support!