[UPDATE] A list of resources, articles, and opinion pieces relating to large language models & robotics

With the recent flurry of activity around large language models, we've collected some of the recent publications on the topic.
23 August 2023, by and

Building a Tablebot

There was a shortage of entries in the tablebot competition shortly before the registration window closed for RoboGames 2023. To make sure the contest would be held, I entered a robot. Then I had to build one.
23 May 2023, by

CLAIRE and euRobotics: all questions answered on humanoid robotics

Watch the all questions answered (AQuA) event jointly hosted by CLAIRE and euRobotics.
20 December 2022, by

The original “I, Robot” had a Frankenstein complex

Eando Binder’s Adam Link scifi series predates Isaac Asimov’s more famous robots, posing issues in trust, control, and intellectual property.
09 November 2022, by

Integrated Task and Motion Planning (TAMP) in robotics

In this post we will explore a few things that differentiate TAMP from “plain” task planning, and dive into some detailed examples with the pyrobosim and PDDLStream software tools.
16 September 2022, by

Task Planning in robotics

In this post, the basic pieces behind task planning for robotics are introduced, with the focus on Planning Domain Definition Language (PDDL) using the pyrobosim tool.
31 August 2022, by

Building a python toolbox for robot behavior

This post describes pyrobosim, a ROS2 enabled 2D mobile robot simulator for behavior prototyping.
07 August 2022, by

UBR-1 on ROS2 Humble

It has been a while since I’ve posted to the blog, but lately I’ve actually been working on the UBR-1 again after a somewhat long hiatus.
04 August 2022, by

Communicating innovation: What can we do better?

The question on what role communications play in forming the perception of innovative technology was discussed in this workshop. Experts explained how the innovation uptake should be supported by effective communication of innovations: explaining the benefits, tackling risks and fears of the audiences, and taking innovation closer to the general public.
15 June 2022, by

How to make sure regulation helps and not hinders Inspection & Maintenance robotics?

One of the essential factors for widespread robotics adoption, especially in the inspection and maintenance area, is the regulatory landscape. Regulatory and legal issues should be addressed to establish effective robotics deployment legal frameworks.
10 June 2022, by

A newcomer’s guide to #ICRA2022: Tutorials

There are seven tutorials at ICRA 2022, with choices for those interested in machine learning, jamming, SLAM, koopman operators, to even creating reproducible robotics articles.
02 May 2022, by

MimicEducationalRobots teach robotics for the future

Robots will soon become an inescapable part of modern life, and I seek to prepare today’s students to work with these emerging technologies.
24 April 2022, by

Boosting innovations and maximising societal impact. Role of Digital Innovation Hubs in Inspection & Maintenance robotics

This workshop analysed the role and contribution of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) to the widespread adoption of robotics in society. How can they enhance the implementation of robotics by SMEs and startups into their daily operations? How can they help to close the knowledge gap of non-technological issues of robotics in Inspection & Maintenance (I&M)?
17 March 2022, by

Robot centenary – 100 years since ‘robot’ made its debut

Robotics remained at the leading edge of technology development in 2021, yet it was one hundred years earlier in 1921 that the word robot (in its modern sense) made its public debut.
12 March 2022, by

Hands on ground robot & drone design series part I: mechanical & wheels

This is a new series looking at the detailed design of various robots. To start with we will be looking at the design of two different robots that were used for the DARPA Subterranean Challenge.
01 March 2022, by

Robots: friends and enemies? Social impact of robotics in inspection and maintenance

This workshop tackled the problem of interactions between robots and humans. How to evaluate the real impact of robotics on our society? How to decide if robots are hazardous and may complicate human lives? To what extent does society accept rapidly progressing robotic technologies?
10 February 2022, by

Tamim Asfour’s Keynote talk – Learning humanoid manipulation from humans

Tamim Asfour gives an overview of the developments in manipulation for robotic systems his lab has done by learning manipulation task models from human observations, and the challenges and open questions associated with this.

Pietro Valdastri’s Plenary Talk – Medical capsule robots: a Fantastic Voyage

Capsule robots can enter the human body through natural orifices or small incisions, and detect and cure life-threatening diseases in a non-invasive manner. This talk provides a perspective on how this field has evolved in the last ten years.

Exploring ROS2 with a wheeled robot – #4 – Obstacle avoidance

In this post you’ll learn how to program a robot to avoid obstacles using ROS2 and C++. Up to the end of the post, the Dolly robot moves autonomously in a scene with many obstacles, simulated using Gazebo 11.
06 December 2021, by

Exploring ROS2 using wheeled Robot – #3 – Moving the robot

In this post you’ll learn how to publish to a ROS2 topic using ROS2 C++. We are moving the robot Dolly robot, simulated using Gazebo 11.
30 November 2021, by

Exploring ROS2 with wheeled robot – #2 – How to subscribe to ROS2 laser scan topic

This is the second chapter of the series “Exploring ROS2 with a wheeled robot”. In this episode, you’ll learn how to subscribe to a ROS2 topic using ROS2 C++.
11 November 2021, by

Exploring ROS2 with wheeled robot – #1 – Launch ROS2 Simulation

This is the first chapter of the series “Exploring ROS2 with a wheeled robot”. In this episode, we setup our first ROS2 simulation using Gazebo 11. From cloning, compiling and creating a package + launch file to start the simulation!
05 November 2021, by

We are delighted to announce the launch of Scicomm – a joint science communication project from Robohub and AIhub

Our new science communication platform aims to empower people to share stories about their robotics & AI work.
02 November 2021, by

Robotics Today latest talks – Raia Hadsell (DeepMind), Koushil Sreenath (UC Berkeley) and Antonio Bicchi (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia)

Robotics Today held three more online talks since we published the one from Amanda Prorok (Learning to Communicate in Multi-Agent Systems). In this post we bring you the last talks that Robotics Today...
21 October 2021, by and

Online events to look out for on Ada Lovelace Day 2021

On the 12th of October, the world will celebrate Ada Lovelace Day to honor the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). After a successful worldwide online celebrati...
10 October 2021, by

Robert Wood’s Plenary Talk: Soft robotics for delicate and dexterous manipulation

Robotic grasping and manipulation has historically been dominated by rigid grippers, force/form closure constraints, and extensive grasp trajectory planning. The advent of soft robotics offers new ave...

Real Roboticist focus series #6: Dennis Hong (Making People Happy)

In this final video of our focus series on IEEE/RSJ IROS 2020 (International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems) original series Real Roboticist, you'll meet Dennis Hong speaking about the r...
29 September 2021, by

Sinergies between automation and robotics

In this IEEE ICRA 2021 Plenary Panel aimed at the younger generation of roboticists and automation experts, panelists Seth Hutchinson, Maria Pia Fanti, Peter B. Luh, Pieter Abbeel, Kaneko Harada, Mich...
25 September 2021, by

Plenary and Keynote talks focus series #6: Jonathan Hurst & Andrea Thomaz

This week you'll be able to listen to the talks of Jonathan Hurst (Professor of Robotics at Oregon State University, and Chief Technology Officer at Agility Robotics) and Andrea Thomaz (Associate Prof...
08 September 2021, by

Real Roboticist focus series #5: Michelle Johnson (Robots That Matter)

We're reaching the end of this focus series on IEEE/RSJ IROS 2020 (International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems) original series Real Roboticist. This week you'll meet Michelle Johnson, ...
05 September 2021, by

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