Adeline Chanseau

Adeline specialises in Human Robot Interaction and Social Robotics. She has studied the implementation of emotions on a robot through facial expressions and now works on what sort of tasks a domestic robot should perform. Adeline is a research student in The Adaptive Systems Research Group in Hertfordshire. It is a multidisciplinary group of faculty, students and research staff of the University of Hertfordshire who carry out research in the field of Adaptive Systems. Adaptive Systems are systems that adapt via learning, evolution, development or via more subtle kinds of interaction, esp. involving social interaction and/or embodiment. These systems might be evolving populations, developing or interacting individuals (robots, programs), colonies/swarms with divisions of labours, assistive robots, interactive interfaces, or less circumscribed agent-environment systems, living or artificial systems, etc. Many activities under the Adaptive Systems umbrella include various areas of artificial life, social robotics, virtual agents and environments, emotion modeling, ontogenetic agents and robots, narrative intelligence, information as an organizing principle in the perception-action loop, human-robot interaction, assistive technology etc.

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