Andreas Kunze

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Andreas is CEO and Co-Founder, KONUX GmbH. During his first years of studying Information Systems at Technical University of Munich, and while working for big corporations like Siemens and BMW, Andreas recognized that many industrial companies had not yet realized the advantages of IIoT, nor did they know how to make best use of their data. Maintenance in particular was too costly and inefficient. Convinced to have found a real need in the industry, Andreas founded KONUX in 2014 together with Vlad Lata and Dennis Humhal whom he met in entrepreneurship workshops at university. For their seed funding round less than a year after the foundation of KONUX, Andreas and his co-founders raised $2m from German and US VCs as well as successful Angel Investors like Andy Bechtolsheim. One year later, after successfully hiring industry experts and exceptional young talents, and acquiring their first customers, he raised another round of $7.5m from world leading VCs like NEA to establish KONUX as the thought leader in the railway industry and tackle further IIOT problems. In 2016, Andreas was the youngest CEO to be on the “40 under 40” entrepreneur list by Capital Magazine in Germany. In early 2017, he got selected among the “top 30 under 30 - Europe” list by Forbes.

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