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BOB CHRISTOPHER is the former CEO/co founder of Ugobe where he raised $26MM and launched Pleo the first social robot. Unlike anything before Pleo redefined robotics through life like movements and behaviors that inspired empathy and wonderment in consumers worldwide. At Ugobe Bob partnered with Terry Gou, CEO/Chairman of Foxconn and Masayoshi Son of Softbank for manufacturing, distribution and promotion of Pleo. From his experience building Ugobe Bob helped a number of hardware companies launch innovative products including Anybots, Dropcam, AUTOMATIC, GAMEGOLF and LARK guided by the principals of the 2-Year Itch, a how-to-guide to launching and building successful consumer hardware companies written by Bob. Most recently Bob helped launch Play-i, an educational robot to help kids learn to code. At Play-i Bob helped secure $8MM in funding and built a direct-to-consumer drop ship model from China at Amazon pricing.

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