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I am a Geographer interested in: - the use of technology in agriculture, including behaviour change and user-centred design - the social and ethical impacts of new agricultural technology - e.g. privacy, employment, life on the farm, animal welfare, data ownership, mental health, succession - knowledge exchange and extension, particularly in the area of agricultural technology - evidence-informed policy-making and science communication I am currently supervising PhD students on the following topics: - Ethics of precision livestock technology e.g. animal welfare (Juliette Schillings) - Inclusion of stakeholders in developing agri-tech future visions (Auvikki de Boon) - Participation in farmer groups and impact on landscape-scale conservation (Cath Jackson, third supervisor) - Funded PhD project on soil health and nutritional quality, including producer/consumer perceptions (second supervisor) - to be advertised I welcome applications from prospective PhD students, particularly those wanting to use social science techniques in the context of farmer behaviour change, technology adoption, social/ethical impacts of agricultural technologies (futures work), or post-Brexit agricultural policy. I would also be happy to supervise students interested in evidence-based policy-making and science communication. Please see for more information. I am always happy to talk to the media on any of the subjects above, including agricultural technology and environmental policy-making (including climate change). Current and recent research projects: - Co-designing post-Brexit agricultural policy (ESRC, 2019-2021) - Understanding farmer behaviour change (AHDB, 2019-2022) - Sustainable Intensification Research Platform (Defra, 2014-2017) - EU Biodiversity Observation Network (EU, 2015-2017) - The Role of Research in the UK Parliament (ESRC/Houses of Parliament, 2017-2018)

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