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Dirk Gorissen

guest author

Dirk Gorissen holds Masters degrees in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and a PhD in Computational Engineering. He has worked in research labs in the US, Canada, Europe & Africa and worked with a large range of industrial partners, including: Rolls-Royce, BMW, Arcelor Mittal, NXP, and Airbus. His interests span machine learning, data science, and computational engineering. Particularly in the unmanned systems domains. After eight years he left academia to join BAE Systems Research where he worked on big data analysis, deep learning, Integrated Vehicle Health Management and autonomous systems related topics. He then left to work for himself, diving his time between The World Bank (where he advises the Tanzanian Government), UAV startup Skycap (where he leads the R&D activities), and a number of startups. In addition he is an active STEM Ambassador, organiser of the London Big-O Algorithms & Machine Learning meetups, and is active in the Tech4Good / ICT4D space.

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