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Gill Pratt

guest author

Dr. Gill Pratt joined DARPA as a Program Manager in the Defense Sciences Office in January 2010. His primary interest is in the field of robotics. Specific areas include the development of declarative design methods that enhance the symbiosis between designer and design tool, hyper-rapid fabrication methods, interfaces that significantly enhance human/machine collaboration, mechanisms and control methods for enhanced mobility and manipulation, low impedance actuators, and improved platforms for post-secondary robotics education. He also has a strong interest in the application of neuroscience techniques to robot perception and control. Dr. Pratt holds a Doctor in Philosophy in electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His thesis is in the field of neurophysiology. He was an Associate Professor and Director of the Leg Lab at MIT. Subsequently, he became a Professor at Franklin W. Olin College, and before joining DARPA, was Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Research. Dr. Pratt holds several patents in series elastic actuation and adaptive control.

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