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Jaidyn Edwards has had an interest in machines his whole life. Being a kid growing up in a world full of technological innovation he took a notebook wherever he went and designed machines in his spare time. As his interest in electronics grew none of his toys were safe, he pulled them apart longing to know what sort of 'magic' was going on inside of them. As the years passed his interest in robotics grew until one summer for Christmas he received a LEGO Mindstorms NXT. The NXT opened up a whole new world of creation possibilities and cemented a forever attraction to hobbyist robotics. In June 2012 he discovered the 'Maker Movement' and something called an Arduino. Interested in the applications it was being used for he purchased one and began researching ways to use it. Every creation he made was recorded and uploaded to YouTube as a means for self-documentation. Discovering the site LetsMakeRobots opened him up to a whole community dedicated to creating robots. Determined to raise awareness for hobbyist robotics he started to create video tutorials on the Arduino and how to create robots. As of now he is just making the break into turning his passion into a career. He is now working with several people in the field helping with robotics kits and also working on an Video Course that will be available for sale later this year.

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