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Jesús Ortiz

guest author

Jesús Ortiz has a PhD in New Automobile Technologies, University of Zaragoza (2008). He worked as a researcher in the Area of Transports and in the Area of Mechanics of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Zaragoza. In 2004 he was a guest professor at the “ENSI de Bourges”. In 2006 he joined the Istituto Italiano di Technologia and he is currently a Research Technologist at the Department of Advanced Robotics. His principal research fields are motion bases, driving simulators, teleoperation, telepresence, teleexistence, virtual reality, GPGPU computing, medical robotics and exoskeletons. He has participated in six EU Projects and in more than 10 international and national projects. He is WP leader in the Robo-Mate EU Project and coordinator of the XoSoft EU Project funded from the European Union's Horizon 2020 framework programme for research and innovation. He is author of over 30 international publications, and he has received two awards in 2005 for two different research works about teleoperation and driving simulators.

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