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Joost van de Loo specialises in detective documentary: a cocktail of imagination and serious investigation designed to make discoveries and influence behaviour. He combines strategy with design, psychology, journalism and film to create things that first make people laugh, and then make them think. In addition to award winning work for brands and innovation leaders Joost has also helped to launch The Desk for BBC Four television, designed the Sunshine Steak, made the webdocumentary Kabouter Coming Out, produced and directed Finding Tom Bombadil, a holistic detective documentary, and wrote a series of features about contemporary hermits in the UK, India and The Netherlands. He has a mechanical engineering MSc degree from the Delft University of Technology, as well as an MA International Journalism from City University London. Joost is also a trained camera journalist and a practitioner of Story-Based Inquiry, the investigative method developed by Mark Lee Hunter (INSEAD) and taught at the Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ). Also, he is registered as a certified provocative coach (level II) at the Institute for Eclectic Psychology (IEP).

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