Juan Rogers

Juan D. Rogers is Associate Professor of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology. He teaches courses on qualitative research methods, multivariate statistics methods, science and technology policy, information management and policy, knowledge management, logic of policy inquiry, and bureaucracy and policy implementation and statistics for public policy.

His current research interests include R&D and Innovation policy and evaluation, modeling the R&D process, assessment of R&D impacts, policies for technology transfer and diffusion, knowledge translation, the interaction of social and technical factors in the development of information technology, information technology policy and creativity in science and engineering. Recent publications include: “Program Level Assessment of Research Centers: Contribution of Nanoscale Science and Engineering Centers to US Nanotechnology Initiative Goals,” Research Evaluation, November 2012. “Research Centers as Agents of Change in the Contemporary Academic Landscape: Their Role and Impact in HBCU, EPSCoR and Majority Universities,” Research Evaluation, March, 2012; “Meanings and Policy Implications of ‘Transformative Research’: Frontiers, Hot Science, Evolution and Investment Risk,” Minerva, March 2012; “Negotiating Uncertainty: Process, Artifact, and Discourse in a Case Study of Technologies to Address SIDS,” in the Proceedings of the 2nd Desire Network Conference on Creativity and Innovation in Design, September 2011; “Engaging Organizations for Knowledge Translation: Comparative Cases in Knowledge Value Mapping,” Implementation Science, September 2011; “Research Creativity: An Exploration of Pathbreaking Science,” Research Policy, 2009.

He has been consultant on science, technology and innovation policy to the Ministry of Science of Technology of Argentina (MINCyT), the Corporation for Industrial Development of Chile (CORFO), the National Institute of Agricultural Technology of Argentina (INTA), the School of Engineering of the Universidad de los Andes of Colombia, the National Planning Directorate (DNP) of Colombia, the King Abdul Assiz City of Science and Technology of Saudi Arabia (KACST), the National Center for the Dissemination of Disability Research in the USA (NCDDR), and the World Bank. He was keynote speaker for the Interamerican Development Bank’s Regional Innovation Policy Dialogue with policy makers across Latin American in October 2012.

Professor Rogers received his Ph.D. in science and technology studies from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and an EE from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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