Mohamed Bouri

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Dr. M. Bouri is a group leader of Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics in LSRO and lecturer of Robotics and Industrial Robotics. He graduated in Electrical Engineering in 1992 and obtained his PhD degree in 1997 in Industrial Automation at INSA LYON, France. Since 1997, he is at EPFL and is mainly active in the field of robot control, automation and robot design for medical and industrial applications. He is the head of Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics group since 2005 and has strong references with the development of many industrialized robotic (Hita machine (Willemein Macodel), Delta Direct Drive (Bosch Packaging Technology), MotionMaker and WalkTrainer (Swortec), 5 Axis Polishing Delta (Unitechnnologies). His ongoing research focuses on walking assistive orthoses and rehabilitation devices for upper and lower limbs. Examples of projects in progress concern the development of dedicated haptic interfaces for hemiplegic children (HandReha); the development of lower limb flexion / extension robotized rehabilitation device (LegoPress), the “Autonomyo” a dedicated exoskeleton for subjects suffering from myopathy and the “WALKI” walking exoskeleton for Kids.

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