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Owen A Johnson

guest author

is a Senior Fellow, at University of Leeds. Owen is a professional systems engineer specialising in health informatics. He is Senior Fellow in the School of Computing. He is currently a director of X-Lab Systems, a University spin-out software company which focuses on commercialising health sciences research innovation using highly scalable architectures. He has 30 years' experience as a practitioner and has been responsible for the development, implementation and strategic management of information systems within major blue-chip organisations such as BT, Amoco and Forte. Owen's research interests lie in the intersection of socio-technical change with agile approaches to software and technology. His research method is based on rigorously applying the principles of systems theory to provide a unifying framework for understanding organisations, business processes and the emergent properties of information systems and software. His current focus is on the application of systems analysis and process modelling techniques in enterprise and e-health. He is supervising seven PhD students and working on several research and knowledge transfer projects (NHS, Department of Health, Wellcome).

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