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Reno Tibke

guest author

Reno brings a generalist, civilian perspective to social robotics reporting and commentary, intending to bridge between citizens of average technological curiosity on one hand, and academics, engineers, and highly specialized journalists on the other. Originally from the western United States, he draws on a background in social sciences, Japanese language and cultural studies, and a near-pathological obsession with technology born of childhood immersion in his grandmother's sci-fi library. His narratives, self-described as "socio-technological middle-manning," are generally served with a dose of irreverence, a bit of questionable punctuation, overarching advocacy for the primacy of technology in human civilization, and aspirations toward Buckminster Fulleresque run-on sentencecraft. He is currently a social robotics columnist for Japan's Business & Technology Daily News (日刊工業新聞), founder of, editor at, and co-founder of Tokyo-based multimedia production firm DIGITALHUB.JP. Reno has contributed to and participated in the Robohub community since its inception.

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