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Vieri Giuliano Santucci

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Vieri Giuliano Santucci is a research assistant at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, CNR, Rome. He holds a Ph.D in computer science at the University of Plymouth (2016) and also a B.Sc. degree in Philosophy (University of Pisa, 2006) and an M.S. degree in theories and techniques of knowledge, faculty of Philosophy (University of Roma “La Sapienza”, 2009). His interests range from learning processes to motivations as well as to the concept of representations, in both biological and artificial agents. During the Ph.D, his work focussed on the development of robotic architectures that allow artificial agents to autonomously improve their competences on the basis of the biologically-inspired concept of intrinsic motivations. He published in peer-reviewed journals and attended many international conferences, and actively contributed to the European Integrated Project ’IM-CLeVeR - Intrinsically-Motivated Cumulative-Learning Versatile Robots’.

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