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Call for keynote speakers at the first Reddit Robotics Showcase (RRS2021)

March 4, 2021

The reddit r/robotics subreddit is a global online community of 138,000 users, ranging from hobbyists and students to academics and industry professionals. This year, we have invited our community to share their work as part of an online showcase. No matter how big or small, all projects are welcome, and a work in progress is valid. The showcase is as much about people sharing their robotics experiences as their projects, hence this is not a formal conference or symposium.

The showcase date is planned for the weekend of July 31st. On the day, successful applicants will join a video call on the official discord and to give a brief presentation (5 or 10mins) about their work, followed by a short question and answer session. Presentations will be livestreamed To Robohub’s YouTube channel, to allow for larger audience participation, and to create a publication (arXiv) of the showcase, available for everyone. If you would like to find out more about the event, click here.

So with that being said, we are looking for potential keynote speakers, to give a 20-40 minutes public friendly presentation, followed by a Q&A. It could be of your own research, or an overview of the research lab of business that you work for.

If you are interested in giving a keynote presentation, please email Olly Smith at

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