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Clearpath introduces Jackal, their new unmanned ground vehicle

curated by | September 15, 2014

We’ve been keeping a huge secret and now we’re ready to share it… Earlier this year, Army Research Labs (ARL) contracted us to design an affordable, portable research platform for outdoor use. Working with them during the development phase, their team provided feedback for iteration on the platform’s performance and capabilities. And now, it’s ready to release to the world. Introducing the newest addition to Clearpath’s black and yellow robot family: Jackal Unmanned Ground Vehicle!

Jackal offers end-to-end integration including a built-in GPS, IMU, and computer, and a configurable top-plate. Engineered for the great outdoors, Jackal’s sturdy metal chassis, weatherproof design (IP 62) and skid-steer drive enables all-terrain operation, as well as lab experimentation, for a variety of applications.

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