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Countdown to Maker Faire

May 17, 2013

I’m setting up at Maker Faire with Robot Garden (a new robotics hackerspace and accelerator) and hope you’ll all come see Robot Garden @ iGate in Booth #2675 in Expo Hall. We might not be able to report back cause we’re giving presentations and having a booth and trying to look around ourselves but this is an event full of fantastic things. Not only are there some great new fab tools like ShopBot’s new Handibot and Otherfab’s new Othermill and Robot Garden’s own 3d plastic recycler OmNom, but there are robots everywhere!

Some of the great robots & roboticists to see:

At this point, I have to stop! But there are still more robots and heaps more interesting circuit, arduino, sensing, computing, wearable, combustible, fungible, tangible, disgustible, combatable, and just totally creative things here.

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