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#ERF2017 workshop: Developing the next level Model Driven Robotic Software Ecosystem

April 20, 2017

The first public RobMoSys Workshop took place on at the ERF in Edinburgh with more than 50 participants. The room was packed. When the interaction discussions began, the crowd split into small groups to discuss different topics of interest to share experiences and expectations in this workshop.

After a warm welcome and introduction of the two new EU Horizon 2020 ICT26c projects, RobMoSys and ROSIN by Anne Bajart from the European Commission, the open call peculiarities of the individual projects were outlined by Christian Schlegel from HS Ulm (RobMoSys) and by Mirko Bordignon from Fraunhofer IPA (ROSIN). When the interactive part began, the community was asked to share expectations in small groups, focussing on these topics:

Table 1: Better Models, better Tools, better Systems: Building Blocks Supplier Perspective
From the perspective of a building block supplier: how to make his building block composable and how to explicate and assure properties?

Host: Herman Bruyninckx (KU Leuven)

 Table 2: Better Models, better Tools, better Systems: System Builder Perspective
From the perspective of a system builder who composes systems out of building blocks: How to express and assure relevant system-level properties?
Host: Christian Schlegel (HS Ulm)

Table 3: Use-Cases, Scenarios and their Pain Points (Industry Perspective)

What are Use-Cases/Examples that have an impact?
Host: Francesco Ferro (PAL Robotics)

Table 4: Link between ROSIN and RobMoSys

Q&A towards both projects and their relationship
Host: Mirko Bordignon (Rosin, Fraunhofer IPA), Sara Tucci (CEA)

Further information on the outcome of the ideas and the open calls of RobMoSys will be continuously updated on the RobMoSys website.

ROSIN website can be found here.

Photos from event

Sara Tucci-Piergiovanni
guest author
Sara Tucci-Piergiovanni is the project coordinator of the RobMoSys project.

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