EU Campus Party on now at the O2 Arena in London

04 September 2013

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LIVE UPDATES TODAY Campus Party is one of the biggest electronic entertainment events in the world, bringing together young and ambitious “Campuseros” united by the movement’s motto: “The Internet is not a network of computers, it’s a network of people”. Each year, Campus Parties are held in various corners of the world – past locations include Brazil, Spain and Mexico.

Campus Party London, Day Two. Source: Campus Party.

This year’s EU campus party is currently taking place at the O2 Arena in central London in the United Kingdom. With over 500 hours of presentations, workshops and hackathons, the event has attracted hundreds of bright minds who are keen to meet like-minded people, hear from global leaders in technology and gaming, and who want to try their hands at some of the world’s most cutting-edge technology. Themes range from enterprise and start-ups to e-commerce and social media to astronomy, 3D video making and robotics. You can check out the full schedule here.

Robohub is joining the party to find out what the Campuseros are up to this week, so look out for #cpeurope or check the widget below. Robohub correspondents Jana Witt and Aaron Boardley will be attending the Campus Party on its last day to experience first-hand some of the presentations, discussions and workshops around robotics that are on offer. Look out for their live tweets this Friday, and for follow-up coverage in the coming week.

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Jana Witt is the Presenter for the ROBOTS Podcast, and is one of Robohub's UK correspondents.
Jana Witt is the Presenter for the ROBOTS Podcast, and is one of Robohub's UK correspondents.

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