Nate the Robot

Nate the Robot No.22 : Robot party – 2012

No.22 : Robot Party - 2012

Elections are rough…

I try so hard to be a good citizen, and I certainly make sure I vote at every presidential election, but it’s so easy to get frustrated with elections. The local candidates never seem to take the time to write anything useful in the paper. If they write anything at all it’s just stuff like, “I promise to create jobs, improve the economy, etc, etc…”, which of course everyone wants.

So enjoy today’s strip where we learn who the best candidates are … robots! Well, not the “terminator” kind… Hopefully everyone who reads is familiar with the Robosapien, a toy remote controlled robot that was a big Christmas present a few years back. Also, I think the Roomba is fairly well known now too.

No.22 : Robot Party - 2012

By Jim Haas

Jim is an electrical engineer that received his undergraduate degree from Purdue University and his master's degree from the University of Louisville. He loves everything about robots, especially drawing them.