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NTSB Overturns Pirker Case: Finds For FAA That Drones Are Aircraft Subject To Its Rules

curated by | November 18, 2014

The NTSB issued a much-awaited decision today that will surely be a disappointment to many drone enthusiasts, ruling that Federal Aviation Administration rules that apply to manned aircraft apply to unmanned aircraft or drones.  The NTSB reversed a law judge’s ruling in favor of Raphael Pirker and remanded the case []


via Robert Morris, CEO TerrAvion:

The NTSB, as expected in the aviation law community, but not the drone community, overturned Pirker.   This means as the law stands now, UAS have to comply with all FAA regulations and puts an end to the speculation that the FAA was exceeding its authority in regulating UAS because they were not aircraft. 

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